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    WHAT THE FAQ?                   

1. How long does the tan last?

The tan typically lasts 4-7 days up to 2 weeks, it truly depends on how well your skin holds spray tanning or the DHA. There are several factors that contribute to this, which is why I have options to customize a tan just for you. 


2. What do I wear? 

Whatever you feel comfortable in! I have seen it all, every shape, size,  and I try to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible. 

Privacy and client confidentiality are numero uno to me, I never spray and tell!


3. Will I turn orange or be an oompa loompa?

Oh the famous question or fear I get asked the most.....You only turn orange by lack of knowledge from spray tan techs. A tanning certification doesn't mean anything, it is all about experience! One shade doesn't fit all, it is all about the DHA levels, color combos and chemistry. The level of color varies based on your personal preference and skin tone. I turn clients brown and I have a NO ORANGE POLICY or your money back!!


4. Can I spray tan if I am pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to spray tan if you are pregnant, however as with anything else you do while you're pregnant, you should consult your physician should you have any questions, concerns or if you are in your first trimester. 


5. Can I spray tan if I am breastfeeding?

​Yes, I have a technique that prevents and protects you from transferring spray tan onto the baby.  The technique I use also helps to avoid the tan lines as well. 


6. Can I spray tan if I have tattoos?

Yes, you can spray tan if you have tattoos. The spray tan will not harm the tattoo. It is recommended to allow at least 2 weeks after your tattoo session to allow your skin to heal before having a spray tan unless you cover it up. FACT: spray tanning actually makes tattoos look more vibrant unlike the sun that fades them.


7. How long do I have to wait to shower after my tan?

It is best to wait about 5-6 hours minimum up to 8 hours all depending on the type of tan we do. I offer a rapid tan that allows you to shower sooner. Every skin type is different in how well the color holds so some clients can shower in 3-4 hours while others need to wait the full time advised. I offer ways to speed up the process and cut the wait time in half. 




BDB doesn't have a set schedule or set hours. We cater to clients as much as possible.


Our hours vary we work later in the day afternoons until late at night. It has been more convenient for our clients to tan after regular operating work hours or before bed. We should be your last beauty stop! 


Wednesday through Friday are the busiest days + we try our best to respond to clients within a few hours

Please allow 24hrs for us to text back unless it's a tan-emergency or you can now book online!


Thank you ! BDB

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